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About Us

First Presbyterian Preschool, founded in 1954, offers a weekday early childhood education experience that provides a developmentally appropriate, play-based curriculum and a focus on nature. We serve children 3 to 5 years of age. 


 It is the mission of First Presbyterian Preschool to extend the ministry of First Presbyterian Church to young children and their families by imparting a lifelong love of learning through meaningful play-based experiences with an emphasis on a child’s social, cognitive, emotional, physical, and character development.

Core Values

First Presbyterian Preschool helps your child CLIMB high
 to a successful future!

                                  Building Character Formation
                          Multi-sensory experiences
                Intentional teaching
             Love of learning
         Christ Centered


First Presbyterian Preschool is where we value early childhood as an important stage of development that is unique from other stages of life.  We create meaningful experiences within a Christian context that is developmentally appropriate and impactful to the life of each unique child.   We recognize that every child has his or her own learning style and life experience. We welcome children of all abilities and backgrounds who may benefit from our program.
Our goal at First Presbyterian Preschool is to impart a lifelong love of learning by instilling Christian values, building character and fostering opportunities for the development of positive social skills. Through cooperative play, opportunities for exploration of individual interests, and time interacting in a community, the children of First Presbyterian Preschool grow into children who are excited about learning and are equipped for future success. 

First Presbyterian Preschool believes that children learn best through hands-on play opportunities in music, art, nature, science, sensory, dramatic play, loose parts, fine and large motor, math, reading and more.
Our play-based, thematic curriculum allows for an integration of the whole child.  Our learning activities allow for growth in a child’s social, emotional, spiritual, physical, and cognitive areas.  Emphasis is placed on language development and literacy in the context of literature rich experiences.  Leadership and independence are fostered through serving each other, trying new things, and sharing information and ideas with others.
First Presbyterian Preschool knows that a child’s family are his or her  primary teachers.  We partner with families to provide the very best early childhood education possible.  We encourage and create open lines of communication, regular feedback on the progress of children in our care, and value a team approach to the instruction of each child. 
First Presbyterian Preschool serves families of any race, color, national and ethnic origin and does not discriminate. Children of all religious backgrounds are welcome.
Spiritual Emphasis  

First Presbyterian Preschool is a Christian Preschool.   Praying, Bible stories, Character Development is taught at First Presbyterian Preschool.  Families of all world views are welcome and not discriminated against with the understanding that our teaching is done with a Christian world view in a Christian context.


Our program is a play-based, project rich, hands-on, creative and thematic curriculum. Children will develop strong thinking skills, interpersonal social skills, a love for learning, and a curiosity for exploration.  The Pre-K program is a slightly more academic model of the curriculum with an emphasis on Kindergarten Readiness skills.

Teachers attend to children’s communication skills, fine and gross motor skills, cognitive development,  physical, social emotional development, sensory  
and personal well-being.

Office Hours:
Monday, Wednesday & Friday 
7:30 AM-2:30 PM
Tuesday & Thursday
7:00 AM - 8:15 AM & 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
Sat: Closed
Sun: Closed